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1/ Frequent Questions

The door does not move

Check that the door can be moved properly without the operator. If it is difficult to move manually first you have to repair the door. If the door moves correctly manually and the operator works, but the door does not move or does very slowly, pressure valves are too low or the bypass valve is open. 

Where do you have to connect the hydraulic lock?

In case of inside opening, the hydraulic latch must be connected to the port under the operator to the side of the green pressure valve. For outside opening the hydraulic latch must be connected to the port under the operator to the side of the red pressure valve. 

Which oil can be used?

All Hydom units operate with our special oil Renolin MR2835. It is highly recommended to use this oil to the proper functioning of our equipment. In case of not being able to fill it with the same oil, you have to empty the entire unit and fill with HLPD32 oil. Be cautious, different types of oils cannot be mixed. 

2/Linear Series

The door open or close bumping or the damping is unnoticed

Pressure valves are too high. 

The door does not close completely

Check that the operating time is sufficient, if so, unscrew the eye bolt until the door close completely. 

The unit has no power

Check that the By-pass valve is properly closed (in check valves units) 

The unit opens properly but has not enough force to close

Check that the closing adjustable restrictor is not too much closed. 

The latch is opened when the operator stops

It is due to excessive pressure of the unit and the eye bolt is too much unscrewed. You have to screw the eye bolt and lower the red pressure valve. 

Which is the recommended level of oil to fill the units?

The oil has to get to the bottom of the thread of the fill plug. This operation has to be done with the axis entered and after, let the unit rest 2 minutes. (See Mark 4 on page 4 of the instructions). 

3/ Rotor-Unic Series

The garage door opens correctly but if you arrive at the end does not close.

It’s because the door is hanging from the rear. You have to avoid that the door reaches the point of blocking.

4/ Electricity - Electronics 

How you connect the capacitor?

The capacitor must be connected between the two motor phases, which are the two terminals on the ends of the three that are in line, as shown in the instructions

How I can know that the motor phases are connected correctly?

Thanks to the control panel, we can know if the phases are connected correctly. To be completely sure, disconnect and reconnect the control panel, if it is connected properly, the first move has to be the opening.

How remote controls are programmed?

You have to press the button PROG radio receiver for 1.5 seconds and you should hear a beep, and then we press the button on the remote controls we want to program. After waiting 10 seconds without receiving codes, the card emits two beeps, indicating that leaves the programming mode. 

How the digital times are programmed in a control panel

First of all we must have selected "digital times" in the micro-switch and the door closed. Then click the pushbutton or the remote control (if it’s already programmed) to start the cycle, when it reaches the open position at the end of stroke wait between 3 to 5 seconds and click the test button to stop the operator and start the timeout with the door opened. After the desired time, press the test button to start the closing cycle, once the door is closed wait between 3 to 5 seconds with the door closed  and press the test button to stop the operator, the programming LED will stop and programming will be closed. 

The remote control does not work

Change the battery. If the problem persists, change the remote control. 

Control panel lights are on but not working

Check that all the fuses are on. If the problem persists, contact your installer or technical department.

For more information, please contact: info@hydom.com